Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lasts Weeks continued pages

This blog post is for last weeks sketchbook pages that I completed. I was still in two projects, the 'fashion meets art' project as well as my research/native american project. As you can see I've been doing drawings, samples and designs. I've had fun making samples with metallic materials including angelina fibers (shiny fiber strands that fuse together when you iron them). Because my tutor wasn't in lessons last week we got another tutor to help us out. She showed us how to make a skirt pattern with darts from measurements. I know a bit about pattern cutting but drafting a proper block with darts is something I wanted to learn. With this we made a small scale skirt using the pattern. What I made didn't quite turn out how I wanted but I was pleased with it. Will show you what I got up to this week very soon.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Latest sketchbook pages

Last week I was adding pages to my 2 projects, making samples and doing drawings. I love how my dream catcher research page has come together. The dream catcher thread sample worked really well. Going back to my art meets fashion project I came up with a few sample looking at geometric shape and metallic colours.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Art Meets Fashion Project

Project Brief: British Vogue has commissioned you as an up coming fashion/textile designer/practitioner to collaborate with a contemporary fine artist to create a fashion outcome. 
This week were given another project, using a contemporary (artist who is still alive) artist/artwork to influence a fashion outcome which could mean a drawing,sample or toile. We went to the tate modern to find some inspiration from some contemporary artists. The museum was filled with inspiring pieces but finding a piece but someone who was still alive was tricky. However when I did find a piece I did find myself very inspired. The pieces that I did find where very different from each other and appealed to me in different ways.  Some pieces where quite simple whilst others were very decorative. I only had a couple of hours to find pieces aswell as draw some of them. I like that I got an arrange of artwork, from pieces made from paper to lead.  The painted canvas by Gerhard Richter was really interesting, it wasn't the shape but his use of colour in his painting. To recreate this painting I used oil pastels and coloring pastels, if I have time I will try and recreate his paintings using acrylic paint. Another piece that I drew was by Susumu Koshimzu which was shaped piece of wood. It was interesting that looking down at it the shading and shapes changed slightly. I drew this using charcoal, I think it turned out really well. I think it would be interesting to try and get that pyramid shape using different materials. Zarina Hashmi showed me that you can have one piece directly on another. She drew ontop of a sheet with Arabic on it which was beautiful in itself. She didn't draw anything intricate but it just nicely added anther plane to the piece. My faveourite piece however was the mirror piece created by monir shahroudy farmanfarmaian. She had created a mosaic using different shape mosaic pieces. There was something about it that I just loved. This has already inspired my to not only look at mirror but also geometric patterns. The visit to the tate museum was really inspiring and I cant wait to get me ideas/samples down. 

comment below if you wish to know the artist of one of the pieces

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Independent Primary/Secondary Research Project

The brief for our next project was so find a place where you feel inspired and collect research to develop into ideas for our sketchbooks. I'd always been inspired by the Native Americans, the way they'd use natural resources to make clothes, jewellery and their equipment to hunt or cook. I looked for exhibits/collections in the London and saw the British History Museum had a collection on Native American which was great. I went around taking pictures and doing a few sketches. One thing I noticed at the museum was that there was alot of decoration in the things they made. It was interesting to read how they would make beads from shells, stones, wood and many other resources that they could find. Beading/Embroidery was an art form, a way to express their american culture. I like their colours, because they used what they could find they were limited but the brown/red tones were really inspiring. Their use of decoration has really inspired my to try their techniques of beading/embroidery/weaving/pottery etc. I found the whole room inspiring but what I loved most and cant wait to develop is their use of pattern in rugs and pottery. They use only geometric shapes quite similar to aztec and even islamic patterns. There was lots to see from pots to clothes and jewellery. This has really got me in the mode to do more research into this beautiful culture. It will be interesting to see not how they did things but what the meaning was to what they did. It makes me wonder if the same methods of doing things are the same nowadays or if they change it because they have more resources to use.